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A Project Sponsored By:


     Greenhouse Associates:

     A Human Development Resource Center

                  Cambridge, Massachusetts

                  Serving Greater Boston since 1971


     Providing: Psychotherapy

                     Clinical Supervision,

                     Advanced Clinical Training,

                     Educational Consultation



   Jared Kass, PhD, LMHC

   Lynn Kass, MA, MAT, LMHC









Mentoring a network of psychotherapists* from diverse cultural and spiritual traditions

who share common values and purpose:


        To Build a Sustainable Culture of Health, Social Justice, and Peace


Person-Centered Psychospiritual Maturation is a trauma-informed, culturally-responsive,

mind-body-spirit approach to psychotherapy.


This integrative approach helps individuals, couples, friends, and work groups

develop inner resources and life skills for attuned relationships and productive lives.


As individuals learn to engage in their own psychospiritual development,

they can transform their relationships, families, and social systems in positive ways.


     Our lives are the curriculum

          for the maturation of self and society.


     We can learn to build relationships, communities, and work lives

          that promote love, health, social justice, and peace.


     Or we will continue to reinforce Humanity's Chain of Pain

          forging new links in our ever-deepening wheel of suffering.


We offer Clinical Supervision and Advanced Professional Training

in the Principles and Practices of Person-Centered Psychospiritual Maturation.


* We invite professionals in other healing disciplines--including religion, education, medicine,

the arts, restorative justice and civil rights law, environmental science and activism--

to join our network and participate in our training activities.